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Environmental Impact Assessment & Environmental Baseline surveys

We have extensive experience of environmental survey work using sediment sampling, underwater video/still photography and side-scan sonar techniques. We have operated in many areas ranging from intertidal to the deep ocean - in British, international and foreign waters. With our level of experience, we can ensure very high standards of quality assurance, working to internationally approved survey protocols.

Oceanographic and Hydrographic Surveys

We undertake a wide range of oceanographic and hydrographic surveys, primarily in the coastal market working from our own survey vessel or vessels of opportunity. This work includes bathymetric surveys, sidescan sonar surveys and current and sediment studies.

Video/Still Photography Analysis

We have over 15 years of video/stills photography analysis using SACFOR or actual abundance and over 20 years experience of benthic macro- and mega faunal identification.

Habitat Mapping and GIS

As part of environmental assessments we typically carry out benthic ecological appraisals, biotope classification, statistical analysis and habitat mapping using GIS.

Inshore Survey Vessel Charter

The supply of professionally crewed, dedicated scientific survey vessels for coastal, estuarine and river based work around the UK. The crew are highly experienced in vessel operations and have a wide range of surveying and scientific experience, which allows us to understand, adapt and accommodate the needs of our clients whilst promoting a safe and productive working environment.

HSE Dive Team

We are a registered HSE diving contractor with the capability to supply scuba and surface supply dive teams. We have experience of undertaking a wide range of diving operations including environmental and archaeological assessment.

Survey Personnel

We are able to supply survey personnel who have a broad range of qualifications, experience and knowledge in many areas of marine science and surveying working both inshore and offshore. This allows us to complement the client’s personnel onboard our own survey vessel; independently implement and manage inshore and offshore surveys; and supply personnel with direct experience to the offshore science and surveying industry.

Survey Planning, Implementation and Management

We are able to take on the task of running surveys from the initial planning stage, through to full processing and presentation. We have a wide range of expertise and experience in many areas of hydrographic surveying and oceanography. This combined with our knowledge of vessel operations means that we are ideally placed to consider all aspects of the marine survey.

Laboratory Services

We have recently developed our in-house laboratory services and expanded our lab space. We can now offer a range of laboratory services, which include sediment sorting; invertebrate taxonomy; particle size analysis; total organic content; and biomass (wet and ash dry weight).

Wildlife Surveys

We have a team of experienced and qualified wildlife observers and have undertake marine mammal and bird surveys for a range of projects including offshore seismic, windfarm construction and habitat mapping.

Freshwater Habitat Surveys

We have trained members of staff capable of delivering a wide range of freshwater habitat surveys including: netting, electric fishing, fish identification, kick sampling, invertebrate identification, spawning habitat surveys, barrier assessment, and fish passage guidance.

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