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Water Sampling of Ditches for Natural England

Seastar Survey have been contracted by Natural England to undertake long term monitoring of water quality within the Ouse (2514 ha) and the Nene Washes (1523 ha). The washes are artificially maintained winter water storage areas that have been designated Special Protection Areas and Ramsar wetlands for their wintering and breeding bird populations and also count ditch flora and species-rich wet grassland among their notified SSSI features.

Natural England have contracted Seastar Survey to undertake ca. 100 samples from within the two sites at periodic intervals over the next year. Total Phosphorous and Nitrogen and Dissolved Oxygen levels will be assessed to inform on possible eutrophication within the ditches.

The two sites are relatively undisturbed and beautiful areas of the country side with abundant wildlife. The initial survey was highly successful and Seastar Survey personnel thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to explore these interesting habitats.

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