Posted by Jim Kerr - 21/04/2015 10:56:00

Seastar Survey Ltd. in collaboration with SAND Geophysics Ltd. and 6 Alpha Associates have successfully completed the Navitus Bay Wind Farm geotechnical campaign Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) clearance survey. Years of military activity and sea dumping in many areas of the world has resulted in a significant amount of UXO contamination of marine environments. For example Land Service Ammunition (LSA), bombs, sea mines and artillery/mortar projectiles. UXO poses a serious threat to marine construction operations, endangering both personnel and equipment. Other renewables projects have demonstrated that the issues generated by failing to adequately manage a UXO threat early can lead to delays and a significant increase in project costs. An essential part of marine construction work involves being aware of the risks posed by UXO and undertaking appropriate measures to identify UXO before work progresses.

Seastar Survey Ltd. in collaboration with SAND Geophysics Ltd. undertook an acoustic survey of potential Cone Pressure Test (CPT) locations in Navitus bay using a side scan sonar to identify potential UXO targets and clear the site for work to progress. The work was undertaken at short notice and was completed efficiently and safely to enable our clients to meet a tight project deadline.