Seastar Survey Ltd. Develop a Freshwater Lens Camera System

Posted by Jim Kerr - 15/04/2015 13:52:00

Seastar Survey Ltd. have developed a specialist underwater camera system designed to acquire HD video footage in waters with very high turbidity (visibility < 10 cm). The system uses a freshwater lens to enable quantitative habitat assessment to be undertaken in areas previously thought inaccessible to drop down video survey techniques.


- Full 1080p video and hi-resolution digital stills

- Field of view of more than 60 cm diagonal.

- Compatible with a variety of camera systems.

- Tested in some of the most challenging conditions in the UK, including Morecambe Bay and Solway Firth.

- Can be operated in tidal flows of up to 3 Knots.

- Variable height from seabed, allowing site specific adaptation to system.

- Deployable from most vessels capable of handling a SWL of 150 Kg.

- Available for hire.