Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Baseline Surveys

Sediment Contamination Analysis Survey in the Thames Estuary
Arcadis – MV Shake Dog
In 2016 Seastar Survey Ltd. was contracted to undertake five vibracores to 3.3m depth in the Thames Estuary to obtain samples for contamination analysis to inform on the feasibility of dredging operations to accommodate the berthing of a large aggregate vessel on a newly proposed pier. A modular 5m vibracore was used to obtain samples and these were subsampled at set depth intervals to provide stratified assessment of potential contamination.

Freshwater Lens Underwater Photography
Natural England – SV Mariner
In 2014-2015 Seastar Survey Ltd. was contracted to obtain imagery of the seabed under heavily restricted visibility to enable biotope classification of potential Annex I rocky reef habitats in Morecambe Bay and Allonby Bay. To do this we used our bespoke freshwater lens camera system which can obtain high resolution imagery of the seabed at visibilities of <20cm. A drop down camera survey methodology was used to delineate potential Annex I habitats.

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Oceanographic and Hydrographic Surveys

Monthly Bathymetric Survey of Cardiff Marina
Cardiff Harbour Authority – MV Lady Jane
In April 2014 Seastar Survey Ltd. was awarded a three year contract to carry out ongoing bathymetric monitoring for Cardiff Harbour Authority to inform dredging operations. Work is carried out on a monthly basis on a dedicated small survey boat, Lady Jane, using a single beam echosounder and Real-time Kinematic (RTK) corrected positioning (horizontal and vertical corrections). The data is processed in house and delivered to the client monthly.

Severn Estuary SAC Sub-tidal Sandbanks Survey
Natural England – SV Otarie
In January and February 2013 Seastar Survey Ltd. acquired singlebeam bathymetric and high resolution sidescan sonar data within a 70 km2 area of the Severn Estuary SAC. The equipment used were a survey grade single beam echosounder, Leica RTK GPS receiver and Edgetech 4125 High frequency sidescan sonar system. This data was collected to inform identification of sub tidal sand banks with the SAC, so as to aid management decisions regarding the protection of these features.

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HSE Dive Team Surveys

Flamborough Head SAC: Condition Assessment
Natural England - MV Anabel
In 2014 Seastar Survey Ltd. developed and implemented scuba-diving monitoring methodology to establish and collect baseline data for previously surveyed habitats at Flamborough Head for future condition monitoring. Contract involved planning, method development, diving, analysis and reporting.

Salcombe to Kingsbridge Estuary SSSI: Condition Assessment
Natural England - MV Top Gun
In 2014 Seastar Survey Ltd. developed and implemented a scuba-diving monitoring methodology to establish and collect baseline data for previously surveyed habitats in the Salcombe Estuary for future condition monitoring surveys. Contract involved planning, method development, diving, analysis and reporting.

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Supply of Survey Personnel

Fugro Emu Ltd. – B/O Sarmiento de Gamboa
October-December 2014, Jon Hawes.
Lead PAM Operative and MMO during a 2d hi-res seismic site survey in the Black Sea, off the coast of Romania. Responsibilities included setup and operation of a Seiche Fireface 800 PAM system using PAMGuard Beta 1.12, followed by report writing and GIS. Over 70 acoustic detections of common and bottlenose dolphin were made during the 5 week cruise.

Calesurvey - MRSV Siem Stork
July-August 2014, Jen O’Dell.
Environmental scientist on board for a ROV survey to map features of conservation interest – including soft corals and deep-water sponge aggregations – around a proposed well site. Online work included direction of ROV pilot and real-time logging and analysis of video footage including species identification and assessment of feature health; offline work involved detailed analysis and QC of captured data and preparation of data for entry into Global Mapper software.

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Laboratory Services

ARTOO marine biology consultants – 2009-2015
Seastar Survey Ltd. have undertaken macroinvertebrate sample sorting on 82 different projects for ARTOO since March 2009 processing over 3000 samples in total.

CEFAS – 2012-2015
13 separate contracts for infaunal analysis of Hamon grab samples collected as part of the rMCZ surveys from various locations around the UK (macroinvertebrate sample sorting, identification and biomass).

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Wildlife Surveys

Borkum Riftgrund Windfarm Construction Phase PAM Survey
Baker Consultants – MV Fritz Reuter
During January to May 2014 Seastar Survey Ltd. designed and deployed seabed frames for the emplacement of 7 dual system passive acoustic monitoring (PAM) moorings, designed to monitor harbour Porpoise vocalisations and construction noise during piling operations. We designed and deployed the mooring systems, and developing a safe working procedure for the client to use for the duration of the project.

Investigations into Wader and Wildfowl Density and Behaviour in Relation to Algal Cover Density in Poole Harbour
Natural England - terrestrial
The study comprised of recording the presence of birds on algal mats and areas of clear sediment and the behaviour of the birds on each. Algal sampling was undertaken in the study areas once a month from November 2011 to February 2012. Intertidal sediment cores were collected at each study site at the start and end of the survey to gather data on infaunal communities.

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Bespoke Surveys

Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) Survey in the Thames Estuary
Arcadis - MV Watch Dog
In January 2016 Seastar Survey Ltd. were contracted to undertake a UXO survey in a predefined area of the Thames estuary. Ferrous objects to 3.3m depth were identified in the area using a transverse gradiometer (TVG) and non-ferrous surface debris was identified using a 900 kHz sidescan sonar. Horizontal positioning was provided using a Leica real time kinematic GPS system.

Current Mapping
In June 2015 Seastar Survey Ltd. personnel were sourced at short notice to map the currents at a pipe line landing location to inform on the forces that would be exerted on equipment during operations. Seastar Survey sourced, calibrated and deployed a seabed mounted ADCP (Sentinel V, Teledyne RD Instruments) at the limit of the intertidal region to map currents over a tidal cycle. The data were processed and delivered to the client two days after data collection.

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